Projects and Partnerships

Partnership with Simanye Mobile Clinic

Supivaa Medical is proud to partner with Simanye Mobile Clinic on its journey to becoming the leading provider of high-quality medicine to the neediest South Africans. In a country where only 18% of the population has health insurance and just 2% of the poorest citizens have access to basic healthcare, the medical innovations and laboratories that Simanye provides are critical. From prevention and diagnostics to vaccinations and treatments, Simanye’s mobile clinics and hospitals service the global health challenges that South African communities battle. Mobile clinics in the semi-rural areas where COVID-19 is spreading rapidly will be supplemented with community hospitals in refurbished buildings, to offer extensive treatment of the most prevalent diseases. Excellent healthcare, within easy reach of the communities that need it most, is critical to improving the quality of life for millions of South Africans.

Supivaa’s partnership with Simanye Mobile Clinics will ensure a steady supply of protective equipment and materials, international funding opportunities, and operational efficiencies. 

Mobile Clinic